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100% Financing available for Oil and Gas Drilling

BOB MOORE in Oklahoma is a Representative for a Lender who is interested in participation in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production activities under the following terms:

This program will provide 100% financing of Oil and Gas Drilling and Completion Project. 

Lender is not an Investor and only participates in 50/50 joint ventures, STRAIGHT UP DEALS (no promotion).  The cost of funds to Lender is 70%, leaving 15% to Carl-Bob Oil Investments and 15% to your company.

Oil and gas projects considered must be offset or infill drilling (PUDs – proven, undeveloped).

Prospect submission will include (at a minimum) an Executive Summary of the project, an AFE and a Certified Geological report (including reserve studies), Title opinion, and copy of leases.

Lease costs, Geological costs, AFE drilling costs and any other costs associated with the project will be charged to the JT venture at original out of pocket cost.

Email or fax information to Bob Moore, fax toll-free 866-383-4210 or bobmoorefinancing@gmail.com 


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